The current work of the music group Jeden kmen can be described as tribal music with elements of folk, world music, electronic and ambient, which is closely linked to their own original texts and visual art. It conveys to the listeners a varied palette of stories, from those with folklore and mythological motifs to fantastic narratives.


.At the beginning of the creation of the musical group Jeden kmen, there was a photographic fantasy project mapping the life of the orc tribe. The photographic work was later joined by other artistic components such as illustrations, literary creations or their own music, which complemented the original project. This creative period was built into the exhibition “One Tribe”, which took place in 2017 at the Museum of the City of Brno at Špilberk Castle and was supported by the festival of the same name.


The band’s first album, entitled “Mlha”, is thus an organic part of the original project and at the same time functions as a soundtrack to the book “The Story of One Tribe”.


After closing this chapter, the band devotes itself to further work, independent of the original project. In the fall of 2022, the second regular album “Basnj” was released, which is significantly more melodic than the first album and is inspired by folklore both musically and by the theme of the album itself. This album tells the story of Lady Winter’s capture by the Sun Brothers and the arduous journey to free her. The fairy tale “O Ztracené zíme” itself, which is the basis of this album, is, like “The Story of One Tribe”, the author’s work of Ctibor.



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