Frequently Asked Questions


  • Yes, parking is provided on the premises near the festival venue.
  • Parking is free and included in the price of each ticket.
  • The parking lot is approximately 1200 meters away from the festival area (50.569602, 14.658063).
  • By car to the festival parking or Klůček campsite.
  • By train to the Doksy station, Česká Lípa district. The distance from the train station to the festival is 1200 meters.
  • By bus to the bus station in Doksy, Česká Lípa district. The distance from the bus station to the festival is 2500 meters.
  • The ticket price does not include accommodation.

  • There are several campsites around the festival, we recommend using the best offer.


  • Yes, it will be possible to buy tickets on-site. However, on-site tickets will be sold at a higher price than in the presale.
  • Discounted half ticket for children under 12, seniors and ZTP, ZTP/P. Children under 3 years old have free entry.


  • Friday: 12:00 – 2:00
  • Saturday: 9:30 – 2:00
  • There will be many food and beverage stalls within the festival area. Both meat lovers and vegans will be taken care of. There will be options for both children and adults. Bringing and consuming your own food and drinks within the festival area are prohibited.
  • Yes, a special mobile toilet will be available. However, please be aware that the festival takes place on a sandy beach in nature, and the terrain may be challenging for individuals with mobility aids.
  • Is WIFI connection available in the festival area?
  • Entry of dogs to the festival area is prohibited, except for assistance dogs.
  • For personal use, such as from a mobile phone, it is possible to take photos and videos. The use of semi-professional to professional cameras is prohibited, except for accredited photographers. The use of flash during performances is prohibited.
  • Yes, printed maps of the festival area will be available at the registration.
  • In the festival area, there will be an organizers’ tent where all lost and found items will be stored. This tent will be marked on the festival area map.
  • Yes, there will be recycling bins available in the festival area for sorted waste.
  • Entering the water during the festival is possible at your own risk.
  • No. Mass, cultural, social, sports events are currently without restrictions.

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