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    Midsummer Tunes – Video 2023

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    Whats new?

    Dear fans of Irish, Scottish and pagan culture, welcome to the website of the music and cultural festival Midsummer Tunes!
    We decided to celebrate the summer solstice on the 16. – 17. 6. on the most beautiful beach in Doksy by the Mácha Lake.

    What can you look forward to?
    The bands Conamara Chaos, Lua, Durangir, Vintage Wine, Irish Rose and MalemIrish.
    We are negotiating with other bands and we will be updating them over time.
    On the second cultural stage you can dance with Divokej IR, InSpiral Dance Company and Glan Clann. The whisky master Václav Rout can recommend you what kind of whisky you should try and ZLOfireshow will bring their fire to the beach.
    We are preparing more program content and it will be disclosed gradually.
    We arranged for you a 75% discount for accommodation in the campsite just by the beach. With our ticket you can pay only 100Kč per night. The campsite also offers cottages and the parking is free.

    You can buy the cheapest ticket today already here:
    For more information click here: FB https://fb.me/e/2EiRCJM79
    Website https://www.midsummertunes.com
    Instagram: midsummer_tunes

    Please share this event with anyone who might be interested.
    Thank you very much. This wouldn’t be possible without you.
    The MST organization team